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Hard Water and Skin Problems

In the water softener industry we often get approached by customers because they find their water irritates their skin. One of our suppliers has recently stepped up to help in research.

Check out the story.

Harvey Water Softeners donates cutting-edge £40k equipment to pioneering eczema research study.

Harvey Water Softeners is very proud to have donated a new spectrometer device worth £40,000 to a pioneering research study which could revolutionise our understanding of childhood eczema.

The handheld device was gifted to the Unit for Population-Based Dermatology Research at St John’s Institute of Dermatology, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, led by Dr Carsten Flohr, Consultant Dermatologist and senior National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Fellow.


Dr Flohr’s team will be conducting a clinical trial to investigate the effect of hard water and skin care practices on the skin barrier of newborn babies and how this links in with the development of eczema.

The Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer will be used in this study. Its infrared light source allows different wavelengths of energy to be absorbed or reflected when passed through a sample, giving a molecular ‘fingerprint’ spectrum and helping researchers to detect minuscule differences in soap residue on the skin. With eczema affecting an estimated 20 per cent of children and 7 per cent of adults in the UK, it’s hoped the FTIR device will help the research team to develop more effective preventative measures and treatments for this disabling skin condition.

Dr Carsten Flohr, Lead Researcher of the study, said, “This FTIR device will support our work significantly and we’re grateful to Harvey Water Softeners for this latest show of support. “Not only should the device improve the speed and accuracy of future research studies, but the data it gives our teams access to could lead to clearer insights into what drives the breakdown of the skin barrier in eczema.”

Harvey Bowden, founder of Harvey Water Softeners, said: “It’s exciting to be doing our bit to help with this potentially life-changing work. We’ve been helping people live with and alleviate skin conditions for forty years through our water softening products, so we know how a future of healthier skin would benefit everyone.

“We saw this as a unique opportunity to investigate what we’ve long suspected; that a higher soap residue left on the skin through exposure to hard water may contribute to the development of eczema in early life. If it gets us closer to solving the debilitating problem of eczema, the investment will have been worth every penny.”

The FTIR device works by measuring the reflection of light rays on a surface, allowing it to detect soap residue left on the skin after washing. Initial tests by Harvey Water Softeners at its Woking headquarters showed much higher concentrations of soap residue left after washing in hard water compared to softened water. Approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute, Harvey Water Softeners manufacturer’s the UK’s best-selling water softener. Founded in Surrey in 1978, it has been Thames Water’s chosen water softener affinity partner since 2012 and is fully approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Scum and scale in a West Moors

This customer had moved in the house and found an old kinetico unit. It was old and not working plus it was connected only to the tank feed.  

A bit of new plumbing, new hoses and bypass plus a brand new twin cylinder machine from Harveys. You can probably see the tester bottle of washing powder in front of the machine. 


One less house with scum and scale in Dorset. 

Local, Independent and Proud

At Dorset Water Softeners we have been working hard over the last few years to offer our customers the best service possible. We think that being truly independent and being able give each customer the very best advice is the only way forward. This is reflected in our great range of water softeners.

Our customers obviously agree and that has meant our continuous growth. Elizabeth in the Office and Me and Dan the water softener man on the road doing calls, installs, servicing and repairs.

So great news we are now able to offer block salt water softener in a new and trendy case. Same top of the range internals but newer smoother case all made by Harveys water softeners in Woking for us. High flow rates, low water consumption, no electric and a great 10 year warranty.

Check it Out.----

harvey-minmax-kinetico-twintec-what is it

So if you are looking for a water softener and are confused by the various models available come and get some free, independent, friendly advice.

Check out or new Case

For many years we have been selling Harveys top end water softener with our label on it. We have always put it in the old case because we found the case super tough.  

A few customers over the years have mentioned that it was looking a it 70's. 

So as from today we are putting it in the up to date cabinet that other Harvey dealers use. 

So the top of the range interior and exterior. 

Check it out. 


Looks even better with our case badge on. 

Old Harvey replaced with Brand New Model

Recently a customer in Verwood contacted us about a block salt water Softener that was worn out after many great years of service


So it was not a hard decision for the customer on what type of machine to replace it with. Our block salt softi twin from Harveys. Top of the range fitted by a local independent company with a great after sales service.  All in a day's work from Dorset Water Softeners.

Proper job

We got called to an old autotrol which had seen better days.

Before- not good

Before- not good

Unfortunately the kitchen fitter had built it in and the only way was to cut it out. At the same time we removed all of the old assortment of pipe work and hoses and replaced them in a correct manner

All copper and with the correct bypass.  

All copper and with the correct bypass.  

One thing we keep seeing is water Softeners connected with washing machine hoses. These should not be used as most are not lined correctly for drinking water. 

Customers comment: 


 You did a great job. The pipework is transformed into something looking professional and the water's starting to come through nice and soft.  Very plesed  with the installation and end result. Thanks very much.

A Little Bit of Help

We had a great day installing a water softener. It was an unusual install which meant we needed to thread two new 22mm pipes under the floor. This can always be tricky but the owner had already opened access panels. Thanks.

So the great British Made Twin Cylinder Water Softener from Harveys that we sell and service was able to be fitted under their sink in the kitchen. 

We got extra lucky as well because we received professional help from Nigel. He was by my side the whole time with his wet nose. 

where are my tools Nigel?

where are my tools Nigel?

So thanks Nigel we could not have done it with out you. I hope you and your owners love soft water and that the chef appreciates how great the vegetables taste when steamed in softened water.

Look after your water softener

Whatever model of water softener you buy you can be sure that Dorset Water Softeners are only a phone call away if you need friendly advice.

Traditional single cylinder softener

Traditional single cylinder softener

harveys twin cylinder softener

harveys twin cylinder softener

again a single cylinder water softenr

again a single cylinder water softenr

We look after, repair  and service all makes and models of water Softeners, with a very friendly happy to help service - we even send out service reminders should you need one.

Looking after customers!

I spent 40 minutes on the phone yesterday with a competitors customer. He was a lovely man but was concerned about his new water softener and a new boiler he was having installed.


I explained all about the research that has been done and how we are working with plumbers to improve understanding of the benefits of softened water.

i asked why he had not rung the people who had installed his water softener and had they not explained all of this?

The answer- I have not been able to contact them, I left some messages but the have not come back to me.

So when you choose that new water softener it's good to think about who will look after you in the years to come.

If your installer has disappeared please call us as we are happy to service, repair and supply salt what ever your machine.

The Purbecks Today

A two man install this morning as the couple want to get away by midday. A lovely little holiday home in Corfe Castle suffering the woes of hard water



This will all be solved with their new amazing twin cylinder block salt softener made for us by Harveys. 

We are so confident in it we even give it a 10 year warranty.

Christchurchs Hard Water

Lovely Christchurch and Mudeford in Hampshire suffers from very hard water. 


This customer having had enough called around his local softener companies and after a full site survey we installed for him our top of the range Block Salt, twin cylinder water softener. made for us by Harveys.

It was a tricky install as the water main had been buried in a wall so the unit was fitted on a shelve that we reinforced in his airing cupboard.  

The customer was delighted that all this was achieved by our own installers and with the knowledge that we offer a full 2 yearly service to keep their water softener in peak condition, plus the ten year warranty and salt deliveries.