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Lots of servicing

A very busy week.


It always amazes us at Dorset Water Softeners how much servicing we do on machines that the customer was told by a salesman would never need looking at. Buy from a local trustworth company, no sales teams and great after sales service.

Who Is Going To Look After You?

We supply water softener and salt but we also offer servicing and repair. All our engineers are trained by the manufactures and we stock a large range of parts.


This evening I am doing a batch of units for customers with various problems.  

Most of them were sold to the customer by companies who told them that they would never need a service! Later finding out that they might but the company they brought it from do not have service engineers.

We offer a full experience. Site survey, quotes on the best products for you, salt delivery, service calls and a repair service. 

You will not get that on the internet. 

Great Customers

It is always great to catch up with customers when we deliver salt and undertake a service to keep their water softener clean and working at it’s very best.

As you can see Nigel here is few years older than last time we saw him and not so keen to help with the service.  Very tired after a long walk.



Nigel the dog.

The customer in Christchurch  has been very happy with soft water and very impressed with our after sales service including our salt delivery.



Keeping that softener clean

A new local customer called as her water softener was not working very well. On closer inspection we found that the salt tank was jammed with salt keeping the remaining block from doing its job- making brine. No brine no soft water. 

So one clean and service later the customer had soft water back and was happy to find a local company that could help her out.  

We mentioned while we were there that we could send her a service reminder if she wanted and that made her day. 

Here is a short video showing how a softener can get clogged and the correct way to put the salt in. 


Hague water softener service

We got called out to a Hague Water Softener that a customer had inherited. 


We booked an appointment. Did a clean and service, changed some settings and 1hr latter one happy customer. 

When you buy a water softener make sure that the company you are dealing with is independent and can service your machines to keep them clean and effecient. 

Dorset Water Softeners- Dorsets Independent Water Softwner Experts

Kinetico Repair

So who do you call when your Kinetico is running water to the drain? 


This new customer rang many company's but was impressed by our service as we came back to him the same day. It is now in our workshop being rebuilt. 

We are always happy to help out. 

Old old water softener

Here is a very old unit fitted in a customers garage.  


The customer was expecting us to recommended a new unit. After a clean and service we found the machine to be delivering nearly soft water.  

We explained our findings and the customer was delighted as the house had become to big for him and he was planning on down sizing. 

happy customer

Block salt machine?

This poor customer called us out to what she thought was a non electric twin cylinder block salt machine. 


Unfortunately it's just a traditional machine with block salt. Less efficiency  and not what she wanted or thought that she had paid for.

After a good service and putting some settings in correctly we got it going. 


Look after your water softener

Whatever model of water softener you buy you can be sure that Dorset Water Softeners are only a phone call away if you need friendly advice.

Traditional single cylinder softener

Traditional single cylinder softener

harveys twin cylinder softener

harveys twin cylinder softener

again a single cylinder water softenr

again a single cylinder water softenr

We look after, repair  and service all makes and models of water Softeners, with a very friendly happy to help service - we even send out service reminders should you need one.

Looking after customers!

I spent 40 minutes on the phone yesterday with a competitors customer. He was a lovely man but was concerned about his new water softener and a new boiler he was having installed.


I explained all about the research that has been done and how we are working with plumbers to improve understanding of the benefits of softened water.

i asked why he had not rung the people who had installed his water softener and had they not explained all of this?

The answer- I have not been able to contact them, I left some messages but the have not come back to me.

So when you choose that new water softener it's good to think about who will look after you in the years to come.

If your installer has disappeared please call us as we are happy to service, repair and supply salt what ever your machine.

Monster softener

How big is the house that needs a water softener this size. Big, very big.


This fleck duplex unit feeds a rather large house. Fed with 35mm pipes they do not lack soft water.  

We have just fully rebuilt it as it had been leaking due to lack of any real care from the passed company.  

They called in Dorset Water Softeners and we got it fixed. 


There is no water coming from our softener

Occasionally we receive a call from a customer telling us that their plumber cannot understand why there mains water has slowed down. He has always tried everything and eventually thinks it might be the softener. 

When we got called out to this old water softener we found that the resin had grown somewhat and was restricting the water. 


Here is a little video showing what we found.