One of our Customers talking about water softeners

Latest Reviews

We are always trying to improve our service to our customers. For many years we have been members or Check-a-Trade and got amazing reviews and scores with our customers completing 300 reports.

We recently changed provider as we had become aware that Check- a -Trade was becoming less trusted by our customers and we like to listen to their concerns. We look forward to our customers trying our new system and continuing our great reviews.


Stuff we have learnt

1. All of customers are very interested on how much they will save by having a water softener fitted but the majority when we visit them the following year just want to tell us how great soft water is an how did they not buy one before.

2. Our older customers are generally more organised and fill up the kettle before we turn the water off.

3. Customers have some great life stories, from war veterans, actors, business men, world travellers.

4. 99.9% of customers are really nice people.

5. They are often surprised when we turn up on time as most of their other tradesmen do not.

6. They all love water softeners.....
— thankyou