Premium Range

Our premium water softeners are made from the highest quality components and are guaranteed to keep your whole house flowing with perfectly soft water. These machines are drawn from the very most exclusive brands worldwide and will make a valuable addition to you signature property. For an exclusive preview of our range and to see for yourself the quality of our installation work, please contact us for prompt personal attention.

Budget Range

Our budget range of water softeners are a cheap and easy way to tackle scale build up in your house, but you might not receive the full benefits of soft water such as softer skin and shinier hair. They use older technology than the rest of our range, this means they can be less efficient with their salt and water usage.

All of our water softeners are available to you fitted in your home by our team of trained engineers. The prices shown above are for the water softeners. You will also need a fitting pack and installation. We can help you get a fully fitted price.

Contractor Range

Loved by our builders and plumber priced between our budget and consumer range. A great introduction to water softeners


These are our most popular Water Softeners and offer all the benefits and protection a household could want from a Water Softener. We can supply the Softener unit if you have an installer already selected or as part of our installation service we can check your household water pressure, water hardness levels and volume usage. Using this information we can recommend the best soft water solution for you.