Your hard water is causing-

  • skin irritation

  • block pipes and showers

  • dirty showers and kettles

  • expensive repair bills

A little story

This is the story of the most versatile substance known to man. It will take you but a few moments to read, but doing so could change the quality of your life. 

Because it is available to us at the turn of a tap we take it for granted but in fact, next to air, it is more important to us than any other substance. It is of course water and how its quality affects our everyday lives.

Water is a unique substance. In its pure state as rainwater it is naturally ‘soft’ and is the greatest solvent known to man. It will dissolve and clean more things than any other liquid. In some areas of the country it stays soft. If you have visited soft water areas such as Devon, Cornwall or Wales you may have noticed how your hair feels silkier, soap lathers easily, your skin feels cleaner and smoother and there is no scum in the bath! Unfortunately in this area, water seeps through limestone and chalk rocks on its long journey to our homes, in the process dissolving some of the rock. This is what makes water ‘hard’, destroying much of its cleaning power.

In fact over 20 problems in the home are caused entirely by limescale in water, costing a typical family of 4 up to £500 each and every year.


Hard water furs up your kettle, pipes, hot water cylinder, shower heads, heating elements and appliances. This hits your pocket hard in increased water heating bills, repairs, maintenance and appliance replacement costs. Hard water leaves spots and smears-ever wondered why dishwashers have built-in water softeners?

The materials used to make sinks basins and toilets etc. cannot stain but the limescale which sticks to them does. Eliminate that and you eliminate the stains!

So hard water makes it almost impossible to keep a home as clean and sparkling as most people would like.

 On top of all that hard water produces unpleasant scum, created when the limescale reacts with soap, in effect turning the dissolved limescale back to a solid. This scum clogs the pores of the skin, blocking the body’s natural oil and in many cases, makes it itchy and dry. What do you think happens when you wash your hair in it?  Right – it sticks to that too!

And do your clothes escape in the washing machine? Not at all. The limescale clogs the fibres creating an abrasive action and causing them to wear out faster and, without fabric softener, dry hard. Using hard water makes it very difficult to remove stains.  

That is why all commercial laundries and launderettes have water softeners installed. They know that it is impossible to get clothes really clean and bright by using hard water.

But this is not the only reason they use softened water. They also use 75% less detergent, do not have to use fabric softeners, save on water heating bills, machine maintenance and on average, double washing machine life - a huge saving


Hard water could be costing a typical family of four as much as £30-£50 per month. Hard to believe? Many products you have to buy now would not be needed with soft water - these are 100% savings and for those that you do still need the amount required is drastically reduced.

Add to that the savings in increased appliance life and savings on annual maintenance and a water softener pays for itself in no time at all.



  • Soft water will remove all existing scale from hot water cylinders, electric elements, pipes, shower heads, around taps and washers etc. and no new scale will form. It could even save you an expensive re-plumbing job.

  • No scale means shining taps, sinks, toilets, shower enclosures, tiles and surfaces – in effect soft water does the cleaning for you saving hours of fruitless labour.

  • Soft water saves hard cash – lots of it! 

  • Clean, soft water means an average 50% less maintenance and 50% longer service life of appliances.

  • Blocked drains caused by hard water scale, detergent and grease will be a problem of the past. More money saved.

  • Clothes wash clean and retain their brightness and colour and dry naturally soft. Soft water’s efficient cleaning action removes most stains easily in one wash without the need for special stain removers or pre-soaks.

  • Dishes, utensils and cutlery sparkle and are more hygienic.

  • Soft water acts as a natural conditioner for the hair and skin,banishing dryness. Shaving is smoother and closer. 

  • Best of all you can enjoy the luxury of a soft water bath or shower and all the other benefits, paid for by the savingsyou make at your local supermarket!