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With several hundred Hague dealers from across the USA and many from around the world we are learning so much and with great speakers. 

Plus the launch of an amazing new product The Hague Watermax Signature. 

And then we won an award. Great team work.  

And then we won an award. Great team work.  


Thank you Hague of America we are so lucky to be Dorsets Hague Water softener dealer and to be able to offer our customers this amazing range of machines.

Harvey Dealer

A great visit from the managing director of Harvey water softeners and our area sales advisor. 

They were very impressed with our new showroom and our water bar supplied them with a great selection of drinks to go with the cakes


We finished the visit by letting them have a blast in our new electric promo car


Big smiles all round. 

Why would I want a Water Softener?

If you like dry skin, itchy hair, crusty shower heads, expensive repairs, scummy baths, high energy bills and long cleaning sessions with smelly chemicals then please carry on.





If On The Other Had You Would Like A Life Give Us A Call At Dorset Water Softeners.

Check A Trade

We are always trying our hardest to help our customers with great advice and products. 

check a trade

So this week it was great to find that all the effort was working. 

250 check a trade report cards filled in and the results showing


The recent annual water softener awards. Everybody looking really rather smart while we listened to Hugarian folk music. It was a bit surreal.

A great night was had by all with more awards for our shelves.  

Great evening

I attended a great event "know thy user-fable" held by Greenwood Campbell in Bournemouth. A great digital media company and their focus on customers, something that we feel strongly about. 

They had a great photographer there but as usual the picture captured was of me stuffing my face.


Award winning team

Finally the photos of the Water Softeners Awards 2015. 


The Dorset water softeners team

The Dorset water softeners team

Here we are receiving one of four awards. Sorry to sound smug but the last time I won something it involved a raffle ticket and cherry liquores.

Anyway thank you to my great team, Elizabeth my wife and head phone answerer, Samuel our son and part time water softener seller and Daniel a brilliant water softener engineer.

Also in the photo Harvey Bowden and his son Casey who own and run Harveys Water Softeners the best water softener company in the world who make our top selling block salt water softener.




We are very happy

We are very happy

So thank you and sorry for the dodgy bow tie. Last minute find. 

How smart do we look?

We travel all over Dorset an Hampshire installing and servicing water softeners. 

We pride ourselves on good time keeping and looking smart in our work clothes. 

well here is Dan and me trying to look a bit James Bondy.  


Back to work Monday ready to repair your water softener.

harvey, twintec, ewc, kinetic, cullingan, monarch, minimax, waterside, eco water, aqua dial, autotrol and many more


Thank you to all our Customers. Dorset Water Softeners have won 4 awards at the Industries Dinner and Awards Ceremony in London.

It was a great evening with the best in the business.

We swept the board with top Unit Increase, Highest Percentage Increase a Top 10 Dealer Ward within the Group and Entry to the prestiges 100 Group.

Top Industry Awards

Top Industry Awards

So give us a call and use award an award winning company