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Bottled Water Alternatives

It is becoming obvious to most people that water in plastic bottles is doing great harm to our planet


plastic bottles littering every ocean 

plastic bottles littering every ocean 

We all want great drinking water in our homes and many times the normal mains water is not great. 

At Dorset Water Softeners we have a great selection of solutions which can give great tasting water without the litter of plastic bottles and the damage to our seas and wildlife.

From simple carbon filters, mixed bed, ceramic, RO purifiers and even alkaline- hydrogenated water. 

Our new water bar will be open to the public soon but if you want a preview get in touch with us and come and experience the great tastes of water straight from a tap

Pure Flow -ing Filtered Water

This customer wanted the cleanest drinking water he could get. 


First we softened the water and then we ran it through one of our Reverse Osmosis units. A compact unit that pushes the water across an ultra fine membrane trapping the impurities and out putting great tasting water.

Boiling hot water taps

This is the quooker combi boiling hot water tap that also produces standard temperature hot water. Especially good if you have no boiler or you normally wait along time for the water to come through. This is instant. 

All connected to a water softener to protect it from scale. 

Check out our quick video


Boiling water tap. 

Local, Independent and Proud

At Dorset Water Softeners we have been working hard over the last few years to offer our customers the best service possible. We think that being truly independent and being able give each customer the very best advice is the only way forward. This is reflected in our great range of water softeners.

Our customers obviously agree and that has meant our continuous growth. Elizabeth in the Office and Me and Dan the water softener man on the road doing calls, installs, servicing and repairs.

So great news we are now able to offer block salt water softener in a new and trendy case. Same top of the range internals but newer smoother case all made by Harveys water softeners in Woking for us. High flow rates, low water consumption, no electric and a great 10 year warranty.

Check it Out.----

harvey-minmax-kinetico-twintec-what is it

So if you are looking for a water softener and are confused by the various models available come and get some free, independent, friendly advice.

Check out or new Case

For many years we have been selling Harveys top end water softener with our label on it. We have always put it in the old case because we found the case super tough.  

A few customers over the years have mentioned that it was looking a it 70's. 

So as from today we are putting it in the up to date cabinet that other Harvey dealers use. 

So the top of the range interior and exterior. 

Check it out. 


Looks even better with our case badge on. 

Washing Powder

Most people know that if you use normal soap powder with a water Softner in your home you can 1/5 the quantity used. 


There is an even better solution try out our powder especially made for soft water. It's none biological and with great cleaning power. This little 1.2 kg pack can do 60 washes. 

We can deliver or you can pick up. Please call or buy it in our online shop. 

Hague Maximizer Water Softener

When we get a call to a customers house they can rest assured that we offer the, fully independent advice.  

This rather large home in Dorset needed a custom solution to their hardwater problem.


A Hague 7180 was the solution, large salt container, 28mm pipe connection, amazing flow rates, built in self cleaning filter and the most effecient water softener in its class.

All installed by us with new copper pipe work.