Us and Harveys

We have been working with Harveys Water Softeners for many years as one of their preferred top ten dealers dealers in the country. In fact if you call Harvey for a softener they will often pass your details to us.

The most important part is that we sell Harveys top of the range unit with the HV3 gearbox and top softener resin, efficiency and reliability. There is no need to be confused on the different models minimax, kinetico, twintec because with our great dealer reputation, our constant drive for better customer care and our family run ethic we are proud to represent the very best in the industry and our constant growth is prove that our customers agree.

 Our New Harvey Display

Our New Harvey Display



We have finally managed to open a full Harvey shop within our Showroom.

This means that you can see the full Harvey range and see the differences between different models. No need to get confusing sells calls from men in shiny suits saying theirs is the best.