Is my home really scaled up?

Have you looked in your kettle or at your shower screen. If you could look in your hot water cylinder you would see this.


So is it okay to use with our boiler?

Yes, recent research confirms that softened water WILL NOT be detrimental to a boilers heat exchange. In fact the top German brand Veismann actually request that the heating system is filled with soft water. For many years plumbers have received confusing information about soft water and boilers.

What Worchester Bosch now say>>


How does a water softener work?

The unit passes the water over a bed of resin that the hardness (calcium / magnesium) sticks too. Eventually the resin becomes unable to do its job and it is flushed with salty water to a drain and the resin is recharged. Simple


So if it IS that simple why  is there such a selection?

There are a lot of manufactures in the world, making a variety of units. We have a few strict rules if a softener is to get in to our Softi range. Excellent reliability, long term commitment from the manufacture, efficiency and ease of use.


Does it need to go under the sink?

The unit can go in many places. We even put them outside in insulated boxes. We like to work with you to find the best place.


What is a salt free unit

That is a great question. There are always companies popping promising amazing solutions. For a device to remove all of your scale problems the only thing available is a salt based softener. When we ask these companies to prove their claims they disappear and do a lot of humming and harring. More>>


What is the best water softener?

Good question. Well it is the one that fits your home, requirements and price range. It goes with out saying it should be reliable and last a long time.