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Great Customers

It is always great to catch up with customers when we deliver salt and undertake a service to keep their water softener clean and working at it’s very best.

As you can see Nigel here is few years older than last time we saw him and not so keen to help with the service.  Very tired after a long walk.



Nigel the dog.

The customer in Christchurch  has been very happy with soft water and very impressed with our after sales service including our salt delivery.



Our water softener is not working?

When is a water softener not a water softener? 

New customers sometimes contact us complaining that they have a water softener that 'has never worked'. 

When we attend we often find devices like these- 

Magic bean device? 

Magic bean device? 

It's a water filter not a softener

It's a water filter not a softener

Some of these have been put in by confusion, some are misold and some are just dangerous. 

None of them remove all of the customers calcuim and solve there hard water problems.

I always listen to the customers tales of woe and then let them see a real water softener in action.  

We are so confident that you will love soft water  we even offer a 3 month trial on our products.

A Little Bit of Help

We had a great day installing a water softener. It was an unusual install which meant we needed to thread two new 22mm pipes under the floor. This can always be tricky but the owner had already opened access panels. Thanks.

So the great British Made Twin Cylinder Water Softener from Harveys that we sell and service was able to be fitted under their sink in the kitchen. 

We got extra lucky as well because we received professional help from Nigel. He was by my side the whole time with his wet nose. 

where are my tools Nigel?

where are my tools Nigel?

So thanks Nigel we could not have done it with out you. I hope you and your owners love soft water and that the chef appreciates how great the vegetables taste when steamed in softened water.

Look after your water softener

Whatever model of water softener you buy you can be sure that Dorset Water Softeners are only a phone call away if you need friendly advice.

Traditional single cylinder softener

Traditional single cylinder softener

harveys twin cylinder softener

harveys twin cylinder softener

again a single cylinder water softenr

again a single cylinder water softenr

We look after, repair  and service all makes and models of water Softeners, with a very friendly happy to help service - we even send out service reminders should you need one.

Christchurchs Hard Water

Lovely Christchurch and Mudeford in Hampshire suffers from very hard water. 


This customer having had enough called around his local softener companies and after a full site survey we installed for him our top of the range Block Salt, twin cylinder water softener. made for us by Harveys.

It was a tricky install as the water main had been buried in a wall so the unit was fitted on a shelve that we reinforced in his airing cupboard.  

The customer was delighted that all this was achieved by our own installers and with the knowledge that we offer a full 2 yearly service to keep their water softener in peak condition, plus the ten year warranty and salt deliveries.