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Many customers now have mains pressure hot water either through a Combi- boiler or a mains pressure cylinder. They can be great as they offer the chance of mains fed showers. But what happens if your mains pressure is not very good and your unable to run a shower or two>

We have the answer Booster Main-


Why Fit a Booster-a-Main?

Poor water pressure throughout property

Poor combi boiler performance

Poor shower pressure

Slow filling baths

Poor Kitchen tap flow

Poor ensuite bathroom water pressure

Benefits of a Booster-a-Main

Great water pressure throughout property

Great combi boiler performance

Great shower pressure

Fast filling baths

Great Kitchen tap flow

Great ensuite bathroom water pressure

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Safety and Fail Safety Features

  • Direct connected mains water pressure boosting system.

  • Adjustable outlet pressure of up to 4.5 bar.

  • Flow rates from 30 to 300 litres per minute. This means the pressure can be maintained in multiple applications simultaneously.

  • Kinetic capture technology is used to pressurise and control accumulated water.

  • Perfect for multiple bathroom applications.

  • Whisper quiet.

  • Rated for continuous duty.

  • Low energy consumption.

  • No pressure relief required.

  • Microprocessor controlled.

  • Lifetime warranty on pump motor.

  • Auto By-Pass to main.

  • Built in Run Dry protection with auto reset.

  • Overpressure protection.

  • 2 models to suit all applications with peak flow rates to 130 and 300 lpm.

  • Shaft-less Mag Drive pump for quiet efficient operation.

  • Simple installation.

  • Supplements mains pressure – doesn’t waste energy pumping from tanks.