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Check out or new Case

For many years we have been selling Harveys top end water softener with our label on it. We have always put it in the old case because we found the case super tough.  

A few customers over the years have mentioned that it was looking a it 70's. 

So as from today we are putting it in the up to date cabinet that other Harvey dealers use. 

So the top of the range interior and exterior. 

Check it out. 


Looks even better with our case badge on. 

Proper job

We got called to an old autotrol which had seen better days.

Before- not good

Before- not good

Unfortunately the kitchen fitter had built it in and the only way was to cut it out. At the same time we removed all of the old assortment of pipe work and hoses and replaced them in a correct manner

All copper and with the correct bypass.  

All copper and with the correct bypass.  

One thing we keep seeing is water Softeners connected with washing machine hoses. These should not be used as most are not lined correctly for drinking water. 

Customers comment: 


 You did a great job. The pipework is transformed into something looking professional and the water's starting to come through nice and soft.  Very plesed  with the installation and end result. Thanks very much.

Kinetico Repair

So who do you call when your Kinetico is running water to the drain? 


This new customer rang many company's but was impressed by our service as we came back to him the same day. It is now in our workshop being rebuilt. 

We are always happy to help out. 

Looking after customers!

I spent 40 minutes on the phone yesterday with a competitors customer. He was a lovely man but was concerned about his new water softener and a new boiler he was having installed.


I explained all about the research that has been done and how we are working with plumbers to improve understanding of the benefits of softened water.

i asked why he had not rung the people who had installed his water softener and had they not explained all of this?

The answer- I have not been able to contact them, I left some messages but the have not come back to me.

So when you choose that new water softener it's good to think about who will look after you in the years to come.

If your installer has disappeared please call us as we are happy to service, repair and supply salt what ever your machine.

The Purbecks Today

A two man install this morning as the couple want to get away by midday. A lovely little holiday home in Corfe Castle suffering the woes of hard water



This will all be solved with their new amazing twin cylinder block salt softener made for us by Harveys. 

We are so confident in it we even give it a 10 year warranty.

Most common question

"What's the difference between other twin cylinder machines", many customers ask this after being confused with the various brand names online, Harvey, twintec, minimax, kinetico.

The answer is that we sell Harveys top of the range high volume metered machine with the superior resin. In fact it's so good we put a ten year warranty on it. Unlike other machines on the market it offers amazing flow rates while keeping its efficiency.

It does not stop there we take your health and finances seriously so we send out service reminders for your unit every other year, plus we offer very competitive salt prices.

Top of the range

Top of the range

All in all a company that you can trust based in Ferndown that believes in good old fashioned values.

Please remember what ever machine you eventually buy we are always available to service and maintain it should you 'loose contact' with that supplier.