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Poundbury- queen mother square. 

Poundbury- queen mother square. 

Been in Dorchester all day helping customers with independent advice on their water. 

It is a very hard water area (300ppm) and that includes Poundbury.  

Being a family run company that sells more than one make of water softener it allows us to offer great advice and service right across Dorset and Hampshire.

If you already have a water softener please give us a call for salt deliveries, water filter changes and the most important thing servicing your existing unit so that it is clean and efficient. No matter what the model or year give us a call and we will see what we can do for you.

Our water softener is not working?

When is a water softener not a water softener? 

New customers sometimes contact us complaining that they have a water softener that 'has never worked'. 

When we attend we often find devices like these- 

Magic bean device? 

Magic bean device? 

It's a water filter not a softener

It's a water filter not a softener

Some of these have been put in by confusion, some are misold and some are just dangerous. 

None of them remove all of the customers calcuim and solve there hard water problems.

I always listen to the customers tales of woe and then let them see a real water softener in action.  

We are so confident that you will love soft water  we even offer a 3 month trial on our products.