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Poole- the sky is grey

Just popped along the quay in Poole on the way to a job. Quick photo hopefully of some very expensive Sunseaker boats. 

Guess what they have water Softeners fitted on most of them to protect them from Scum and Scale. 



So many houses in the Quay area and all of them effected by the hard water. Let us not forget the shops and pubs.  

Call Dorset Water Softeners and let us show you how much money you could start saving today.

Nice people of Weymouth

We found ourselves in Weymouth today fitting a water Softener for a customer who had been struggling with hard water ruining his bathroom and washing machine. 

We found ourselves in need of an extension lead- don't ask. 

A quick drive and I found these amazing people, really helpful, friendly and they had what I wanted.  

Littlemoor hardware. 

Littlemoor hardware. 

Plus they are investing money in training their young staff. 

I was happy and so was our customer now that his home is scale free. 

Our new designed Advert

Look out for our new Advert based on an info graphic which will be appearing in Mags 4 Dorset, Viewpoint and the Barrington Programme. 

This was a great weekend project with my son who is getting far to clever.

Christchurchs Hard Water

Lovely Christchurch and Mudeford in Hampshire suffers from very hard water. 


This customer having had enough called around his local softener companies and after a full site survey we installed for him our top of the range Block Salt, twin cylinder water softener. made for us by Harveys.

It was a tricky install as the water main had been buried in a wall so the unit was fitted on a shelve that we reinforced in his airing cupboard.  

The customer was delighted that all this was achieved by our own installers and with the knowledge that we offer a full 2 yearly service to keep their water softener in peak condition, plus the ten year warranty and salt deliveries.