Great Customers

It is always great to catch up with customers when we deliver salt and undertake a service to keep their water softener clean and working at it’s very best.

As you can see Nigel here is few years older than last time we saw him and not so keen to help with the service.  Very tired after a long walk.



Nigel the dog.

The customer in Christchurch  has been very happy with soft water and very impressed with our after sales service including our salt delivery.



Service Callouts

As a company we will bend over backwards to try and help out customers

An emergency call from a new customer with water flooding parts of the garden. 

Two hours later we had solved the problem.  

My reward the most beautiful view across a pond of three stone ladies. That is my interpretation. 



Harvey Dealer

A great visit from the managing director of Harvey water softeners and our area sales advisor. 

They were very impressed with our new showroom and our water bar supplied them with a great selection of drinks to go with the cakes


We finished the visit by letting them have a blast in our new electric promo car


Big smiles all round. 

Independent advice

If you have thought about a water softener and perhaps even had a quote before you make up your mind it might be best to talk to us.

We offer a full range of products meaning we are truly independent and that means you will always get the best advice.

No commissioned sales people and sub contracted installers, just great employed staff who really care. From first appointment to long term service contracts we want to look after our customers. 

Water Bar

Not much got done this weekend. Autumn cold layer me out flat


Say no to bottled water

We did manage a few improvements to the water bar- check out the vintage water crates. 



vintage cedar water crates! 

We also managed to clear up some rubbish from the parking area before the cold got the better of me and I headed home to bed.

Bottled Water Alternatives

It is becoming obvious to most people that water in plastic bottles is doing great harm to our planet


 plastic bottles littering every ocean 

plastic bottles littering every ocean 

We all want great drinking water in our homes and many times the normal mains water is not great. 

At Dorset Water Softeners we have a great selection of solutions which can give great tasting water without the litter of plastic bottles and the damage to our seas and wildlife.

From simple carbon filters, mixed bed, ceramic, RO purifiers and even alkaline- hydrogenated water. 

Our new water bar will be open to the public soon but if you want a preview get in touch with us and come and experience the great tastes of water straight from a tap

Latest update of our new showroom

I know it seems to be taking forever. We have been so busy at work that getting the showroom an office done has become tricky. 

As you can see we are stil moving forward. 

Office is complete with the final fit out of skirting and blinds.

The workshop walls have been sprayed over and the black board is up- we just need to dispose of the last bags of rubbish. 

The bathroom now has painted walls and floors and we are just waiting for loo roll holders and soap dispenser. 

And finally the showroom. Jobs left to do- paint the main floor and some ceiling trims. 

The big job is the choose a day for the grand opening.