A bit of fun

The Royal Marines are stationed down in Poole and we are luck enough to supply some of these great guys with water softeners. 

Check our this video it would certainly made the Bournemouth airshow even more fun with a group of flying Marines. 


Commercial Softeners

It is not just homes that suffer from hard water. September was very busy with us helping local business solve their hard water problems. 

This customer cuts metal with water Nd it is really important that it is soft. The existing softener was massively undersized for a machine that is on 14 hours a day. They needed a proper solution. 



We installed a Hague WaterMax one box for salt and the other containers the American made softener unit.  

We managed to install it with the minimum of down time to the customer and they have the knowledge that we are qualified service engineers. 

The Very Best

People often ask us on the phone what the best softener is and our reply is always when we have done a survey of your home we will be able to tell you. So many factors effect the final choice. Number of people, mains pressure static and dynamic, space, water condition, budget etc

If space is no problem then this beauty would take number one spot. High flow rates, amazing efficiency, the ability to treat many water problems at once, a big salt container and the best reliability. 

I give you The Hague Watermax


Hague WaterMax

Hague WaterMax

Who Is Going To Look After You?

We supply water softener and salt but we also offer servicing and repair. All our engineers are trained by the manufactures and we stock a large range of parts.


This evening I am doing a batch of units for customers with various problems.  

Most of them were sold to the customer by companies who told them that they would never need a service! Later finding out that they might but the company they brought it from do not have service engineers.

We offer a full experience. Site survey, quotes on the best products for you, salt delivery, service calls and a repair service. 

You will not get that on the internet. 

Great views

Rubbish water


One of our new customers recently brought a property with the best view in Dorset (rubbish photo). 

After 2 weeks the showers are scaled up and his new house is a mess with scale.  

The solution a water softener from their local independent water softener company who offer a range of units to suit different properties.  

Hot Tubs

For all of our customers that enjoy a hot tub we have a special treat.

We have had loads of questions about water chemistry and what chemicals they need.

So to help out we now stock a great range of U.K. made simple chemicals to keep your hot tub in tip-top condition.

We are happy to deliver or you can pickup. We will be adding them to our website over the next week and we hope to have a separate website with more help and info on. 

in the mean time give us a call. 


Hot tub and spa chemicals in stock

Harvey Shop

Great news we finally have our Harvey shop within our showroom setup. 

you can now end the confusion of minimax, twintec, crown, retail, kinetico etc. 



Harvey shop

You can finally see Harveys full range of water softeners and get straight answers to all of your questions.

Don’t forget we also gave a fully Harvey trained service department. 

Pop in and we would love to see you. 

Independent Advice

We are a bit different than most other softener companies. Not because we like servicing and delivering salt but also because we sell a range of different makes and models.  

Today was a good example a large family home with a new mains pressure system and multiple bathrooms we fitted a Hague


Hague Water softeners

Hague Water softeners

Next an older couple that had room in the garage for our great little contract softener. 


Contract softener -Clack

Contract softener -Clack

And lastly an outside replacement of a Twintec that had not been looked after we fitted one of our Harvey machines which we will be pleased to maintain and comes with a 10 year warranty



Harvey from Dorset Water Softeners

At Dorset Water Softeners you can be guaranteed great independent advice. 

Filtered Water from a Quooker

If you are lucky you can make your Quooker boiling tap produce a lovely blue light rather than the red light.

What does the blue light mean? Check out our video.


As a water softener company that also fits and services Quooker Boiling taps we are in a unique position to give our customers exactly the water they want and need in their kitchens.

The perfect solution in our showroom is Soft water for the hot, cold and boiling giving us scale free tea and coffee etc. Then the special trick one long press and you can have hard filtered water.

Pop in and try it out.


we have been in our new showroom 6 months and a big thank you you all of our customers for visiting

We have been so busy and we are adding a bit more display space.

We are very excited so here is a couple of photos of the work. 

What will it be for?