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Boscanova- boscombe

What is not to like? Best breakfast selection in Dorset. Check out their vegan and meat English breakfast. We have and they are lovely.  

Coffee here is always good, they roast their own and know what they are doing. 


Parking- normally easy but you need to pay

highlights- breakfast

coffee- south coast roast

machine-  ???

style - very eclectic mix of people😊 , it is Boscombe


Le Petite Prince - Wimborne

Finally managed to get into the Wimborne branch early enough for their amazing glorious croissants.

Le Petite Prince - Wimborne

Le Petite Prince - Wimborne

Got crumbs every where.

The coffee is pretty good not quite as great as the Westbourne branch, but they have only just opened.

Been back a few times and the coffee is great now. The pastries are sublime especially in the morning dunked in your coffee cup.



Machine - Sanremo

Coffee - Extract

Parking - Dodgems with local drivers

Highlight - Pastry

Gullivers Farm - West Moors

Great Coffee finally near me and a beautiful location. Seating in and out side all  on a Biodynamic Farm, what is not to love.

The truth is i have drunk more coffee here in the last months than any where and it is always spot on thanks to Lee the manager.

They have recently fitted out a larger covered seating area on the side plus they have some nice animals for the kids to see.


Gullivers Farm - West Moors

Gullivers Farm - West Moors

Machine- Expobar

Coffee - mozzo

Parking- Simple, easy and free

Highlight- everything its a Farm Shop stupid


Gullivers Farm Shop Fresh Vegetable

Gullivers Farm Shop Fresh Vegetable

Dancing Goat-Lower Parkstone

Hidden around the back of Lower Parkstone this great little coffee shop has the greatest atmosphere with a great loyal customer base. You are bound to bump into the same people. Great coffee, cakes, orange juice and marmite on toast

Dancing Goat -Parkstone

Dancing Goat -Parkstone

Machine - La marzocco

Coffee - origin

highlighs - regular customers

Parking- normally not a problem

Dancing Goat- Parkstone

Dancing Goat- Parkstone

Wareham-Coffee Saloon
The Wareham Team

The Wareham Team

Part of the Coffee Saloon little empire and my favourite. It is  on Wareham high street . The staff are amazing and always friendly.


Great Sandwiches- Really amazing Salt Beef

Great Sandwiches- Really amazing Salt Beef

  • Coffee Machine- La Maazocco
  • Coffee- Origin
  • Highlights- amazing flat whites
  • Food- usual cakes but also amazing Sandwiches (check out picture)
  • Parking in the high street- normally easy
  • Payment- cash only