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Filtered Water from a Quooker

If you are lucky you can make your Quooker boiling tap produce a lovely blue light rather than the red light.

What does the blue light mean? Check out our video.


As a water softener company that also fits and services Quooker Boiling taps we are in a unique position to give our customers exactly the water they want and need in their kitchens.

The perfect solution in our showroom is Soft water for the hot, cold and boiling giving us scale free tea and coffee etc. Then the special trick one long press and you can have hard filtered water.

Pop in and try it out.

Water Bar

Not much got done this weekend. Autumn cold layer me out flat


Say no to bottled water

We did manage a few improvements to the water bar- check out the vintage water crates. 



vintage cedar water crates! 

We also managed to clear up some rubbish from the parking area before the cold got the better of me and I headed home to bed.

Bottled Water Alternatives

It is becoming obvious to most people that water in plastic bottles is doing great harm to our planet


plastic bottles littering every ocean 

plastic bottles littering every ocean 

We all want great drinking water in our homes and many times the normal mains water is not great. 

At Dorset Water Softeners we have a great selection of solutions which can give great tasting water without the litter of plastic bottles and the damage to our seas and wildlife.

From simple carbon filters, mixed bed, ceramic, RO purifiers and even alkaline- hydrogenated water. 

Our new water bar will be open to the public soon but if you want a preview get in touch with us and come and experience the great tastes of water straight from a tap

Water Filters

It is really important to change your water filter on a regular basis.  

Please note it does not always matter how 'little water' you use

This franke filter had a very nasty covering on yuck. Sterilised and replaced. 

we keep franke water filters in stock and they are much cheaper than from Franke.