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We are a bit different than most other softener companies. Not because we like servicing and delivering salt but also because we sell a range of different makes and models.  

Today was a good example a large family home with a new mains pressure system and multiple bathrooms we fitted a Hague


Hague Water softeners

Hague Water softeners

Next an older couple that had room in the garage for our great little contract softener. 


Contract softener -Clack

Contract softener -Clack

And lastly an outside replacement of a Twintec that had not been looked after we fitted one of our Harvey machines which we will be pleased to maintain and comes with a 10 year warranty



Harvey from Dorset Water Softeners

At Dorset Water Softeners you can be guaranteed great independent advice. 

Harvey Dealer

A great visit from the managing director of Harvey water softeners and our area sales advisor. 

They were very impressed with our new showroom and our water bar supplied them with a great selection of drinks to go with the cakes


We finished the visit by letting them have a blast in our new electric promo car


Big smiles all round.