The Hague Water Softener Company

The Hague Water Softener Company

Us and Harveys

being a Hague Water Softener engineer

The Hague range of water softener never fails to impress our customers. From compact machines that will fit under the sink to extra large units for garages or service cupboards.

They all have one thing in common amazing design. They are incredibly well build with few moving parts but the real surprise is the efficiency.

They use less salt and water than most water softeners on the market to day but give 100% soft water 100% of the time.

For a water softener to work well the water as it flows through needs to have long enough on the resin. Hague achieve this with larger than average tanks, ultra fine resin and the staring role distribution plates that make sure all of the resin gets used. 

From day one the machines have been designed to take 28mm pipework if needed at incredible flow rates meaning no flow restrictions and great showering.

Hague make the units including all of the cases and tanks at that factory in Ohio and keep with one valve design across their range.

Had A Softener Before?

but have you had a Hague?