Commercial Water Softeners

Lets Keep it Simple-

Your in business and so are we. What we want is the same as you. Good service , reliability and problems solved.

Property Management

So if you look after peoples property and you need to get a softener fixed, serviced or installed give us a call. We will get it sorted and then work with you to look after your customer for the long term. Service reminders and salt deliveries. From small flats to large hotels we have got it covered.

Cafes and Hotels

That dishwasher is going to last two minutes if your water softener is not working correctly. What about your coffee machine did you remember to put new filters on it? We want to work with you so that you can do what you do best, run your business and make money.

Architects and Specifiers

Would you like some reliable and concise information about what type of water softener is best for your client. It would be nice if one company would size it, quote, install and then look after the customer with service reminders, salt and a long term commitment to care for the unit. Look no further Dorset Water Softeners.

Plumbers and Builders

We love working with plumbers and builders to supply their customers with the right solution to the Hard Water problem in Dorset. Come to us for help on specification and installation if required. We stock water softeners for all types of properties and you will have the knowledge that your customer will be looked after by us for many years to come.

‘ all I want to know is what is a water softener, what does it need to work and where do i need hard water. I have asked so many ‘experts’ but they will not give me a straight answer ‘
— a confused local architect

one meeting later

that was easy, i have got it now thanks.
— an enlightened local architect