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Bournemouth Install

This customer has a lovely home in Bournemouth and had enjoyed the benefits of softened water for many years.

We got called to look at a non working unit, after a service we talked to the customer about the benefits of repair versus replacement.

The customer now has a brand Hague. These are known to be the most efficient water softeners on the market with savings over block salt machines of over 40%.

We also took the opportunity to sort out the customers pipework and fit new stopcocks. Dan our main installer has made a lovely job of connecting to the customers existing iron pipework.

We did I admit need to make 2 visits. The first softener we unpacked had unfortunately been damaged in transport and was not to our satisfaction, this is very rare but as we fit hundred every year I suppose eventually this would happen . The customer was very understanding and a return visit was made with a brand new machine which we keep in stock.

Hague 410 fitted with new pipework under the stairs

Hague 410 fitted with new pipework under the stairs

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