current salt price list

Hi here is our up to date salt price list.


Block Salt

Pickup Price per pack (2 blocks in a pack)  £5.00
min 5 £32.00
10 £54.00
15 £78.00
20 £100.00

30 £147.00

10 Kg Tablet Salt.

Pickup Price per bag £5.00
min 5  £32.00
10 £58.00
15 £79.00
20 £98.00

25 £120.00

25Kg Tablet Salt

Pickup price Per Bag £9.00
min 3 £30.00
5  £50.00
10 £95.00
15 £140.00

20 £184.00

We cover most of the BH codes for delivery and more. If you are in any doubt please contact us.

You will see that we sale salt in block and tablet form. Yep we do not sale granular. If you are still using this change to tablet its easier plus your machine is pretty old so you will definitely need a service.

Our block salt is suitable for all block salt units Harvey, Kinetico, BWT and Hauge. If it takes block salt this is suitable.

Out tablet salt is packed in 10kg bags for your convenience. It even has a nice little handle and as they are smaller you will not need a scoop.