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It is not just homes that suffer from hard water. September was very busy with us helping local business solve their hard water problems. 

This customer cuts metal with water Nd it is really important that it is soft. The existing softener was massively undersized for a machine that is on 14 hours a day. They needed a proper solution. 



We installed a Hague WaterMax one box for salt and the other containers the American made softener unit.  

We managed to install it with the minimum of down time to the customer and they have the knowledge that we are qualified service engineers. 

Commercial water softeners

If you have a hotel it is even more important to keep the scale at bay. 

At Dorset water softener we recently upgraded a rather old softener to a brand new 7700. We also updated the old leaking pipe work. As you can see all copper. 

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Monster softener

How big is the house that needs a water softener this size. Big, very big.


This fleck duplex unit feeds a rather large house. Fed with 35mm pipes they do not lack soft water.  

We have just fully rebuilt it as it had been leaking due to lack of any real care from the passed company.  

They called in Dorset Water Softeners and we got it fixed.